Pit Firing

Imagen3Pit Firing is a burning technique in which a work piece is subjected to a strong burning reduction, produced by wood chips. The decoration is done both with elements of nature (leaves, wood, algae, etc) as well as recycled items (cans, cables …). We will provide colour by the use of soluble salts, particularly iron sulfate and copper sulfate, which are applied to a fabric covering with rock wool that will cover the piece.

In this workshop we will build a sawdust kiln for firing these pieces. I will prepare the dyes, dissolve soluble salts, also provide natural elements of the environment, and prepare for different degrees of reduction and oxidation. You will be shown completed pieces for firing prepared using rock wool and fabrics.  You will also see the results of both burnished pieces and unpolished pieces. This firing takes about 24 hours and then the pieces must be cleaned.
In this workshop we decorate pieces using different methods, incorporating both natural and manufactured ítems.
The oven is constructed and firing is done by pit firing and various processes and reactions occur in the Kiln.


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